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The book then addresses the twin questions of Relativism and Pluralism. They are products of postmodern thinking, and, however inviting and alluring they appear, they do not stand up to scrutiny. The claims of Relativism rest on absolutes and it thus becomes self-destructive. Pluralism is not found in the sacred writings of any religion and is found to be merely an opinion, which could be as valid as any other opinion. Further, it does not stand to reason and logic.

The bulk of the material in the book takes the reader through a unique method of inquiry. Weighing and comparing the doctrines and philosophies of the different religions is an exercise in futility because of the lack of a universally acceptable reference or standard against which they can be measured. So, the author devised an approach in which questions of a non-religious nature would form the core of the process. This took away the inherent tendency of the follower as well as the antagonists to support or discredit the points respectively, and allowed even ‘neutral’ people to evaluate the religions. The responses to the questions would portray some of the bases for the beliefs, and, because they were not religious in nature, common sense could be used to make the evaluation.
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