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The conclusion from this method of search appeared credible and was quite impressive and persuasive. Christianity came out decidedly on top. No, that did not answer all the questions, but it did show that any other alternative would engender even more questions. Unable to reach the ideal, we had to settle for the best that was available. Thus, the conclusion is not a dogmatic claim. The jury could still be out there; but until such time as a better option is presented, reason demands that we accept the present verdict and go by it.

“. . . we are arguing that faith is, in all its exercises alike, a form of conviction, and is, therefore, necessarily grounded in evidence.” Benjamin Warfield of Princeton University

“The facts backing the Christian claim are not a special kind of religious fact. They are the cognitive informational facts upon which all historical, legal and ordinary decisions are based.” Clark Pinnock

So, this volume is presented, with confidence, to the reader for perusal, evaluation and scrutiny. Happy reading!

Note: The present edition titled Cross-Examination is not available in stores yet. They can be obtained by sending $20.00 ($15 for the book and $5 for S&H) to the author, Subodh Pandit at:  2203 Hampshire Dr., Hyattsville, MD, 20783, USA

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