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The books, presently titled Come Search With Me, Does God Really Exist and Come Search With Me, The Weight of Evidence, are a chronicle of the author’s search for the reality regarding the concept of the supernatural, more generally described as “God”. The search lasted over twenty years, and, in a sense, is still ongoing. Apart from the time constraints because of his full-time job as a physician, the main cause of this prolonged period was the great difficulty in forging a reasonable common ground for the discussion. It was virgin territory, with plenty of ground to be plowed, but no rules on how the plowing should be done; plenty of disparate, disjointed voices with no reference-point to use as a chart or compass. The challenge required painstaking and meticulous search and research. 

The book starts with the attempt to form the common base which would rest on evidence, reason and logic – appropriately called ‘common sense’! The best chance at arriving closest to the truth of the matter would belong to the one with the attitude of an inquirer; not the one who looked for evidence to support a stance already held. The attitude is described, as well as the factors that would continue to keep the person in the mode of inquiry – humility, honesty, calmness and respect.
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