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... The claim here is that there is no such thing as absolute truth in any sphere of life.

"... there is no obhjective standard by which truth may be determined so that truth varies with individuals and circumstances."

" ... truth is relative to the community in which we participate."

Relativism was taking a stand completely against Absolute truth.... I had to check it out.

To the question, 'Is relativism valid universally?', the answer has to be in the affirmative, ... and in that very answer, it has established an absolute truth. It has no option but to contradict itself.

At the point where Relativism is false, its anti-thesis which is Absolute truth should be true; But Absolute truth cannot be valid for only portions of the time. The absurdity becomes apparent.

Words could have exact opposite meanings without stating what was being said. Language would be stripped of its ability to communicate and as Ravi Zacharias stated, "We might as well be living in a madhouse."

Realtivism relies completely on absolute values and yet denies those values.

" So it loooks like any apparent suggestion of relativism is either self-defeating or else is not a real assertion, but something more like an empty slogan" Jubien

" To assert that 'the truth is that there is no truth' is both self-defeating and arbitrary. For if this statement is true, it is not true, cinse ther is no truth" Craig

"... postmodernism best represents -- a mood." Zacharias

It would be suicidal to base any of my important decisions on Relativism. It was out for the count.

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