I was born, the third of four children, to Joseph Pandit and Mary (nee) Nowrangi in a little town called Jowai, nestled among the Jaintia Hills (formerly Khasi Hills) in Meghalaya, India. Very early, my parents moved to Pune (formerly Poona) Maharashtra where I grew up in a community–Salisbury Park. My initial schooling was at the English Elementary School, prior to attending Spicer Memorial High School.

Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, South India, was where I was introduced to professional life and where I did my undergraduate and graduate medical studies. India Today, a leading publication placed it at the top spot among medical institutions in the country. Thinking back, I could not have had a better foundation to my career. There, the blend of the science and the art of medicine, coupled with the deep dedication to the welfare of the patient which was the hall mark of the institution, made an unbeatable combination in the nurturing of values that have stood the test of time and society.

For eighteen years I worked in various parts of India-in as many as seven different places. I was CEO of a hospital in Ranchi, and then Executive Secretary of a conglomerate of ten small to medium sized hospitals. Just before moving to the US, my wife and I helped establish a multi-dimensional rural facility called Anantha Ashram that runs a hospital, Health Education services, Health worker training courses, and an orphanage. It is still very active, serving a wide range of populations in and around Hosur, near Bangalore, Karnataka.

We came to the US in late 1993, did our licensing examination, then residency rotations in Oklahoma, and then later moved to the beautiful hills and mountains of Western North Carolina in Hendersonville. I have worked as an ER physician in two hospitals until recently. I am currently residing in Maryland.